Reducing our emissions across the supply chain.

To make it happen, we’re taking action right now.

Complacency is simply not an option. ‘Changing today’ is our pledge to harness science and nature‑based innovation to make meaningful change where it matters – for the animals in our herds, the people and farmers in our communities and the planet we share.

ABP cattle

Ambitious targets are the only way forward.

We always aim high. That’s why we adopted science-based targets years ago. These targets focus on the quantity of emissions that need to be reduced in order to meet the global goal established in the Paris Climate Agreement. Since they’re independently set and verified, they’re highly ambitious, but we know this is the only way forward on the road to decarbonising our business.

A broad scope. Approached with precision.

Looking at our entire supply chain, emissions are broken down into Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. Scope 1 refers to emissions produced directly by ABP. We’ve done a lot of work in this area already, but have committed to a further 27% cut in emissions arising directly from our operations by 2030.

Scope 2 emissions are made indirectly by ABP, stemming from where the energy it purchases and uses is produced. Similar to our Scope 1 target, we’ve also committed to a 27% reduction in Scope 2 emissions by 2030.

Scope 3 is an area we’re particularly focused on. We’ve committed to a 17% reduction in emissions resulting from our supply chain and packaging by 2030. Because the vast majority of emissions within our supply chain occur at farm level, we’ve started pioneering research to find ways to mitigate these too.

ABP Sustainability targets to help reduce emissions
From resources and land, to people and thought leadership, sustainability spans every part of our business. Our focus is action in key areas where we can make a direct impact. Here are some of the many things we are working on:
  • Aligning with science-based targets to verify our goals and ensure we do our share
  • Reducing carbon emissions produced through our business with a particular focus on Scope 3
  • Driving the agenda for sustainable beef on a global platform through the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability
  • Supporting our farmers to practice methods of regenerative agriculture
  • Championing biodiversity and other nature-based solutions
  • Using organic methods to enhance conventional farming and reduce the use of fertilisers and pesticides
  • Minimising waste produced by our business through our circular economy – recycling is key
  • Developing card-based packaging to minimise plastic waste
  • Adopting technology to reduce our use of resources
  • Spearheading meaningful research and development to improve sustainability throughout our company
ABP cattle eating grass

We are inspiring others to join us.

A key commitment of ABP is to support sustainable rural communities in every territory where we operate. To do this we help secure the next generation of farmers through innovation and expert support, while creating jobs that help families stay in their home towns and villages. That means more opportunities for women, more supports for social initiatives, and more power to the community’s own sense of responsibility for a greener future.