You know the name.

You know the quality. Welcome to ABP’s family of brands.

As the leaders in quality and innovation, ABP’s brands are successful across the world. In every market where we operate, we work tirelessly to ensure consistently the finest, most versatile, premium products for our clients. It’s what they rightly expect, and what we demand of ourselves.

ABP plant worker

Our Focus on Quality

Our never-wavering focus on quality, and insistence on raising standards across the board, go hand in hand with the natural advantages of our sources. We are blessed with lush pasture and generous rainfall, on farms run by families invested in the future. We consult experts to provide the most progressive animal welfare in the business. This all leads to a better environment for the cattle, and beef of exceptional richness and flavour for our customers.

Because we know the care, skill and expertise that goes into them, we are honestly proud of our portfolio of premium brands. Even when they don’t carry our name on the package, they always offer our unrivalled quality, bringing the ABP difference to markets, retail, foodservice and homes – in all kinds of ways, in all kinds of places. This is the ABP way, and these are our brands.

An ABP farmer petting cattle

Our beef has a special advantage. The grass really is greener.

We call it the ‘grass advantage’. Ireland is located at 53° N., an optimal latitude for grass production. Our cattle are fed on this lush green pasture, where they can roam most of the year in the fresh air, grazing to their hearts’ content. This helps make our beef rich in many nutrients and minerals that contribute to a balanced diet.

Vitamin B6. For energy, immune system function and reducing fatigue.
Vitamin B12. Helps red blood-cell formation, and strengthens the nervous system.
Niacin. Helps sustain energy and reduce tiredness.
Zinc. For better eyesight, bone health and fertility.


Introducing the ABP family of brands