Our Demonstration Farm.
It’s not just for show.

With over six decades of leading innovation in the agri-food sector, we understand the importance of being fully aware of the impact our business has on the environment. Working with the Science Based Targets Initiative, we mapped out the emissions produced within our full supply chain, from farm gate to consumer. We found that 90% of emissions in our supply chain occur at farm level. Then we got straight to work.

Leveraging science to meet our targets.

With a carbon footprint of half the global average, beef produced in Ireland is among the most sustainable in the world. Despite this, 90% of emissions across our supply chain occur at farm level. The Demonstration Farm acts as a testbed and monitoring station for ways in which we can reduce these emissions. We openly share our learnings with the wider farming community, with the hope that they’ll be adopted on a larger scale.

So, what is the Demonstration Farm? It’s a typical Irish family farm in Co. Carlow, where we carry out research into more sustainable farming practices. Collaboration is key to achieve big objectives. That’s why we’ve also partnered with Teagasc and the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation on our mission to enhance the sustainability of beef production and help farmers reduce their environmental impact.


ABP Cattle sitting in a field

It pays to be green.

Phase One of our research was animal focused, exploring how genetics may be related to more efficient feed conversion, which in turn lowers emissions.

Over 5,000 cattle have been involved in our study so far, which is supported and verified by independent experts and research institutions. This multiyear undertaking found that a data-driven approach to cattle breeding can reduce methane emissions by up to 40%. These efficiencies can also improve returns for the farmer by up to €200 per animal, showing that economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. It pays to be green, in more ways than one.

That’s great. Let’s keep going.

Building on the success of our genetics study, we’ve now entered Phase Two of our research on the Demonstration Farm. Our focus has broadened to a whole farm approach, from soil health and grassland management to water usage, biodiversity and everything in between.

We believe that regenerative agriculture is the future of food production. We’re spearheading this movement in Ireland through our work on the Demonstration Farm.