We will never compromise on quality.

Each person in our business is dedicated to producing consistently high quality. We expect the same from everyone in our supply chain. It all matters.

Our meat is completely traceable and our processes are lean. Because we believe in the integrity of our products, we will always safeguard these standards. Our customers deserve nothing less, and we go above and beyond for them, each and every day.

The Grass Advantage.

Ireland’s geographical position at 53° north is the optimum latitude for sustainable natural grass production. Generous rainfall and a mild climate give the country the longest grass-growing season in the EU, creating ideal conditions for our cattle to graze on lush pasture throughout the year. That’s a difference we call the Grass Advantage, which we’re proud to pass on to our customers in our beef: natural, sustainable, low in saturated fat, high in vitamins and minerals.

Another advantage we have is in our dedication to animal welfare, which means that the cattle can enjoy a calm, secure and stress-free life while grazing on the pure, delicious grass that nature has provided. It’s better for them, and gives our beef a real advantage.

Advantage Beef