So far, so good. Let’s do more.

We could tell you that ABP’s success relies on entrepreneurship, innovation and a deep knowledge of our sector. That’s all true. But the real reason we’re leaders in the business is our ability to always think ahead.

We started our sustainability journey more than three decades ago. Not because it’s trendy (it wasn’t, back then), but because it’s essential. Without our natural environment we don’t have a business, or a future.

The entire supply chain matters.

For decades we’ve worked to reduce emissions directly produced by our business. Driving efficiencies, using cleaner energy, minimising waste every way we can. We’ve had great success here, but we know there’s a bigger picture at play. Adopting science-based targets has enabled us to build an environmental strategy that encompasses our full supply chain, from farm gate straight through to consumer.

All our divisions work together.

ABP Food Group is a fully integrated agribusiness. Our main business – processing beef – is supported by three interlocking divisions: pet foods, renewables and proteins. This unique circular economy minimises waste of by-products from beef processing, utilising them across other parts of the business and ensuring our products are based on sustainable practices.

ABP cattle

We play our part. And ensure others play theirs.

We ensure our sustainability strategy extends all along the supply chain, from farm gate, to customer, to chef, to consumer. These efforts have been recognised globally, but we’ll never rest on our laurels.

  • ABP was the first company globally to receive quadruple certification from the Carbon Trust.
  • We are a founding member of the Origin Green programme in Ireland and have now achieved Gold Membership status.
  • Our greenhouse gas emissions targets have been validated independently by the Science Based Targets Initiative, using the latest climate science to define best practice.
  • As a group of companies we are actively dedicated to changing today in practical ways, to ensure a better tomorrow.
ABP cattle looking over an old stone wall