Raising the profile of organic.

The nature of our business means we understand the importance of safeguarding our environment for future generations. We also understand the importance of consistently adding more value to the beef industry and helping to enhance the livelihood of farmers across Ireland. We believe that organic has a bigger part to play in achieving both.

With Ireland’s temperate climate and grass based farming system, we know that we’re in a prime position to conquer the organic market. It’s our mission to continue to grow organic beef farming in Ireland and ensure all our knowledge and learnings are made accessible to any beef farmers interested in learning more.

ABP cattle

Driving change from the Good Herdsmen Farm.

Our organic operations have grown from strength to strength. At the heart of it still is the Good Herdsmen Farm in Tipperary’s Golden Vale, an area renowned for its superb quality land. It’s here where we continue to trial more sustainable regenerative farming practices, seeking new ways to farm better and drive change in our industry.

As a predominantly winter finishing farm, cattle are primarily purchased from organic suckler farmers in the west of Ireland. Close relationships with these farmers are essential to the Good Herdsmen Farm’s success. With a 100% forage-based closed gate system, the Good Herdsmen Farm grows all of its own protein sources for its cattle. This includes tried and tested clover, but has now grown to include crops like peas, oats and barley too.

An ABP farmer walking the fields with his herds of cattle

Knowledge is power.

At ABP we know that the true value of our research & innovation can only be unlocked by making our findings accessible to the wider farming community. Our partnerships with Teagasc and Bord Bia are a key ensuring our impact can be felt on a larger scale.

We regularly host open days on the Good Herdsmen Farm, with upwards of 1,000 farmers in attendance. These events are open to both organic farmers and farmers who are interested in migrating to an organic system. Topics covered include the full spectrum of the system, from best practice for soil health and water management right through to enhancing biodiversity and farmer health & wellbeing. We know that organic has a key role to play for the future of farming and these open days have proven pivotal in getting the message out.