We are renowned for the unrivalled quality of our beef.

Not just because of its flavour and texture, but because of the natural nutritional benefits of Irish grass-fed beef, as well as our portfolio of premium brands for retail and foodservice.

Our Brands

The Nutritional Benefits of Natural Grass-Fed Beef.

Because our beef is grass-fed, and because our Irish pasture has the optimum latitude for grass production (our ‘Grass
Advantage’), it means our beef boasts many of the nutrients and minerals required within a balanced diet.

Rich in vitamin B6. This helps boost energy, enrich immune system function and reduce tiredness.
Rich in vitamin B12. This helps red blood cell formation, strengthens the nervous system and improves psychological
A natural source of Niacin. This helps sustain energy production, maintain a healthy nervous system and reduce
tiredness and fatigue.
A natural source of Zinc. This benefits eyesight, bone health and fertility.


Angus beef is famous the world over for its gentle marbling, tenderness and natural succulence. It’s a hallmark of the finest quality in butcher-shop windows and gourmet restaurants alike. Certified Irish Angus beef is tender and flavoursome which is fully traceable back to the farm. It is also Bord Bia Quality Assured, meaning it meets the highest quality standards at every stage of the process.

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Every cut of Irish Hereford Prime beef comes from cattle reared on a grass-based diet. Not only do Irish Hereford Prime steaks taste superior, they are low in saturated fat, high in vitamins and minerals and always Ultra-Tender®. Hereford beef is defined by its finely grained marbling and is a favourite among retailers and top chefs.

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This is our hand selected dry-aged beef range.
Our beef is matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days and dry-aged in one of our four state-of-the-art batch rooms in Cahir, Co. Tipperary.
We use Irish Atlantic sea salt harvested from the shores of the Beara Peninsula in West Cork for our dry-ageing process, which not only enhances the
flavour of our beef but is also a natural, sustainable raw material.

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Positioned at Europe’s most westerly point, Ireland’s lush grasslands, mild climate and generous rainfall create the perfect conditions for rearing beef. Farming is our island’s proud tradition and at The Good Herdsmen we believe it is our future and legacy too. That’s why when it comes to organic there’s no decision for us. It is simply our duty to protect and sustain what farming families have devoted their lifetimes to build. Now celebrating over two decades of commitment and quality, The Good Herdsmen has become a proud mark of organic excellence.

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Prime Irish beef sourced from local farms and perfected using our patented Ultra-Tender® process. Irish prime beef is selected from the finest pastures and processed to the highest quality standards and animal welfare.


Premium Irish Beef since 1989
Irish Nature is Ireland’s longest established premium export beef brand. First developed in the late 1980’s, Irish Nature showcases all of the unique characteristics of Irish beef, natural flavour, tenderness and nutrition. To date, Irish Nature has been exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

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We are committed to providing
the best environments possible
for our animals.



Sustainability is never ‘done’
but every day we are one
step closer.