At ABP animal welfare is paramount to our business. That’s why we work with industry-leading professionals and have invested in modern amenities to deliver the highest standards of animal welfare.

We are dedicated to providing stress-free environments throughout our process facilities to ensure livestock are calm and at ease prior to slaughter.

We have worked closely with the bestselling author and world-renowned animal welfare expert, Dr Temple Grandin, to design and plan our facilities and procedures.

Dr Grandin has approved each element of our lairage system – helping us ensure cattle are stress-free and relaxed prior to slaughter. This not only gives our livestock the respect and integrity they deserve, but the decreased premortem glycogen levels and pH balance of stress-free animals makes for a higher quality and tender carcass.

ABP Food Group sources farm-assured cattle throughout Ireland, which is accredited to EN45011 and independently audited and certified.


We’re renowned in our industry for the unrivalled quality of our beef.



Sustainability is never ‘done’
but every day we are one
step closer.